How to improve sexual relations

Maintaining quality intimate relationships is health. Doctors Berman explain in their work some tips to improve this part of personal identity and emphasize that “women need to see sex as one more care that they give to themselves, not as something that is done by the partner or by the partner. relationship”. These are their recommendations:

Try not to set goals or be competitive in sex. Orgasm is not the end goal. Focus on sensuality. Become aware of your erogenous zones (lips, eyelids, inner thighs, buttocks, back, neck, feet, ears). We often focus on intercourse and neglect the side of eroticism and arousal. If a woman becomes distressed at the start of the sexual experience because she worries about whether or not she will be able to reach orgasm, her body is likely to respond to her anxiety, her blood vessels constricted, and her arousal diminished.

Communicate with your partner. The first rule for talking about sex is sincerity. Let your partner know what you like and want, but NEVER fake an orgasm. It’s tempting and easy and many women do, but it’s problematic because it makes you enter a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of.

Remember that only 20 to 30 percent of women have orgasms thanks to vaginal penetration alone; most need direct stimulation of the clitoris to reach it. Teach your partner how you like it and for this, learn by doing it yourself.

Allow yourself the luxury of having fantasies. Don’t be ashamed of them and try to be creative.

Use lubricants. In order for them not to interfere with latex they must have a water base (discard petroleum jelly and infant oil). Some have flavors, others are creamy, some counteract vaginal dryness, and others produce a warm, tingling sensation in the genitals.

Try different types of sex toys or foods. Some couples like to use cream, liquid chocolate or honey, others tie up or blindfold themselves.

Try aromatherapy. There are fragrances designed to increase energy, relaxation and sensuality. Some oils can also induce heat and accentuate arousal.

Pay attention to your surroundings. The context determines how you feel comfortable to enjoy sex. Take a foam bath, light candles, play nice music. Find the right time. Many women need a transition period to relax and focus their attention on sexuality.

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